Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm going to write about this day

Time for a Gaëlle story. Last Saturday afternoon, we had one of those beautiful summer days. The kids of course wanted to be outside enjoying the great weather. Peter managed to find a way to amuse himself but Gaëlle couldn't find any neighborhood kids to play with.

So she asked if she could call a friend from her class. She's asked before but I haven't allowed her to make any phone calls. This time she had the phone number already in front of her, so we practiced what she would say when she called her friend. It was so cute. And her friend was able to come over. Robin overheard them on the steps as they were eating a jumbo freezie. Gaëlle said, "This is the best day ever. I'm going to write about this day. Are you going to write about this day?" Her friend looked at her in complete puzzlement. But then she agreed, "Yeah. I guess so." Very fun.

This week Peter had his grade 6 closing. It was a pretty low key event, just the way I like things. But before we went, we gifted Peter with a new ball glove. He was using mine and let's just say that his hand is much bigger than mine and will only get larger. 

The family showing off the mitts.

This is Peter with some of his friends from school at the grade 6 closing. Quite a range of boys. None of them look terribly thrilled with the picture taking but they played along. The kids still have a week left of school and then the summer fun will begin.

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