Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Birthday Month has begun

Well we missed Kaylin's 19th birthday because she was away at school, and working hard. But she was home this week and so the celebration began. Even though we had to talk her into using the birthday cup, we still managed to have a party.

The 2 biggest believers in the birthday cup. Go Mickey and the most magical place on earth. Gaƫlle wants to meet you and not just drink from the cup.

I tried a new salad; a southwest quinoa salad. It was good but the recipe called for chilli lime pistachios.  I wouldn't even know where to begin to get those, but I'm sure they would have put the salad over the top. 

Brothers just hanging around and waiting for the food.

Kaylin and her new hat. Thanks Aunt Ruth. It will be perfect for the summer job. More on that later, I'm sure.

Birthday hug and kiss from dad.

Birthday hug from mom.

Kaylin asked for a cheesecake but not which kind. So I surprised her with a Snickers cheesecake. It was good. Every year that we celebrate the birthdays of the older kids, I'm just struck at the amazing young men and women they are becoming. Kaylin is working so hard at her dream of being a nurse and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her. It has been a treat to have her home and to see her smile and listen to her laugh. We miss her but are thankful we can spend these moments together.

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