Saturday, March 16, 2013

Look who is 12

Peter turns 12 today but he celebrated his birthday earlier this week with some friends. They started at our house with pizza.

Then they headed out to play Laser Tag. In between games they hung out at the arcade. I can remember when I was younger how much I loved spending my money at the arcade. Now it all seems like such a waste, but it was his birthday, so there you go.

They came back to the house for cake. Peter requested lemon meringue which turned out to be a big hit with all the kids.

Then it was time to open presents. 

And yes, Peter had a sleep over. So the boys then went downstairs and watched The Lord of the Rings movie until about midnight when Robin tried to quiet them down. Not an easy task with five 12 year olds.

The boys managed to wake up. Really, that wasn't a problem. They seemed ready and raring to go fairly early in the morning. Peter requested chocolate chip pancakes for his breakfast so that's what we had.

The boys all left before 11 AM so it was a very successful birthday. Peter was pleased with the entire event.

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Anonymous said...

Happy 12th Birthday Peter!!!!
Rob and Carol