Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March Break Madness

The younger kids finally have their week of break. I also took the week off of work and even though we aren't going anyplace special, I have some activities I want to do with the kids. Last summer I bought The Story of the World as both kids are fairly week with their history. My sister surprised me with a book of famous figures that goes along with it. 

So we will do a little bit of ancient history each day this week.

The kids cut out the first figure and we read the first bit of the book.

Such a great and easy resource. Gaëlle kept saying, "This is just like school. But better."

Monday was also our service day. We made a huge batch of Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls and then passed them out to local RCMP offices.

Peter stirred the batch of dough once and then he was finished. But you know Gaëlle stayed by my side for the entire process. She loves to help.

The batch makes 8 round pans of rolls and so while they were still warm we set out around HRM to deliver them. Well, we kept one pan for ourselves.

We made sure to deliver a pan to our local I&P office. Gaëlle was cute. At one office, the person we delivered them to was very appreciative and Gaëlle said, "You don't have to share them. You can keep them all yourself."

We ended up our afternoon at the waterfront. 

The wave has a fresh coat of paint on it. Once again, Peter made it to the top without a problem, but Gaëlle just couldn't quite make it.

At least she can climb on the anchors. All in all, it was a great first day of break. 

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