Sunday, June 10, 2012

Random shots

Our spring is so far behind so much of North America. But it is earlier than normal. Quite often we don't have lilacs until the beginning of June and this year they started the end of May. However my bush managed to be on time. It is in full bloom now. Love it.
If Snickers gets ahold of stuffed animals our house quickly becomes the killing fields. She will play with a stuffed animal for a couple of days without incident and then the holes and rips start and it's all over; in the garbage it goes. For some reason, she became owner of this stuffed animal and she has lovingly cared for it for a couple of months now. We are all amused by her and it. When we come home at the end of the day, she runs to get her "friend" as if to say, "Look, friend, my people are home.Look people, here's my friend. It's alright with my world." Tail wagging she trots around the house.
Peter loves to be active and play outside but he also loves to spend time on the computer playing games. He's such an 11 year old boy. People are always curious about how the kids are integrating into Canadian society. Make no mistake, he will always be Haitian, but he is fully 100% Canadian as well.

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