Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another milestone

So, how did we get to this place? High school is almost finished for yet another one. Kaylin celebrated her grade 12 prom on Saturday and at the end of the month she will graduate. Yikes. Why couldn't they just stay 5 years old? I don't actually mean that. I'm thrilled to see my kids grow and change and mature and develop opinions and interests all their own. 
Here she is with some of her closest friends from the past 4 years. Marcy, the girl in the purple dress, was her first friend when we moved here. They are so different in so many ways and yet they have managed to keep the connection of friendship alive.
Peter and Gaelle came with us and managed to ham it up for the camera. Gaelle was enthralled with it all and was not the least bit impatient.
Kaylin and her date, Jeff.

Sisters and friends. 

And finally, the proud parents.

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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Westfeld Grammy