Monday, May 2, 2011

Reading corner

Robin is away for work all week. We dropped him off at the airport on Saturday and we talked about how much we would miss Daddy. The kids did great and we had a good day with some fun moments.

However, Sunday morning dawned and the tunes changed. Peter became oh so slightly annoying with behaviour indicating, "I'm here!!!! Notice me!!!" I get it and I do feel for him but it doesn't make it any less annoying.

Gaƫlle became oh so defiant. Very determined and very defiant. It continued through today. So I tried to employ a logical consequence. I took all of her toys out of her room; the result of not playing with her toys with respect. She honestly didn't seem to mind the lack of toys, which is ok.

And tonight when we went up to her room I found this; the reading corner. Of course I complimented her on it and said how much I loved it, which of course I do. I also held her like a baby and we rocked and talked and sang. Then she went to bed without a bit of fuss. I rocked and talked and sang with Peter also. He too went to bed without a fuss.

I don't write the above to shame the kids or to show how pathetic I am, but just for a glimpse of some of the struggles the kids go through. They both miss Robin and maybe even feel a bit abandoned or lost. Instead of just saying it, they have to show it.

Message received!

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