Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We all set off for the states and Joshua's graduation even though we didn't have the official paper work for Peter and Gaëlle and believe me we tried. But we finally received official permission to allow the kids to enter the US. It didn't quite work out as we had hoped at the border and we had to wait 2 hours for the paperwork to catch up to our official permission, but finally we were in and well on our way.

It was so good to see Josh and take in some of the grad festivities. This would be the official "dessert after the Baccalaureate" event. Yum.

In Nova Scotia we have endured weeks of rainy foggy dreary weather and wouldn't you know it, we were greeted to Virginia's version of rainy foggy dreary weather. It managed to just stay overcast and at times misty during the commencement events which was a blessing as it was all outside.

Over 5000 grads walked in and received their diploma. It really was quite the sight.

It's official. Joshua has graduated. If you look closely you can see Joshua as he receives his diploma.

Then the mad dash as we packed up his belongings from the past 4 years and headed home.

We stopped off in New Jersey for the party house. AKA Grammy and Grampy's house. Peter and Gaëlle actually stayed with my parents instead of driving down the rest of the way to VA. We thought it might be a bit much for them. And they had a great time preparing for the party for Josh.

Peter managed to find the perfect gift for Josh at one of Grammy's hang outs.

Gaëlle was not to be outdone and decided a giant yo-yo would be the best gift a new grad could ever want.

Grammy and Grampy with 5 of their grandchildren.

We also had the chance to stop off at my brother's house on our way home and Peter and Gaëlle met another cousin. The 3 of them had a great time together and Josh managed another family party. Wahoo.

Gaëlle wasn't sure what a hotel was but she was very excited to find out. Big smiles all around.

We knew Peter was excited about staying in a hotel by his incessant questions. It was a big hit even though it was a short stay and no swim in the pool.

We took a brief detour to LLBean and the girls snagged a photo op with the giant boot.

Josh and Peter are really 2 peas in a pod when it comes to food. They love their meat and they love their fast food. Needless to say I think they had more than enough of both on this trip.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos again Beth!! So exciting for Josh to have you all there for his graduation and so great for you to now have "all" the kids home with you for a bit of time!! Congratulations to Josh!! Hugs, Carol