Monday, May 23, 2011

Craving hot dogs

Recently, Josh received 2 fake credit cards in the mail and so he gave them to Peter and Gaëlle. They love to pretend that they have debit cards or credit cards and frequently make their own out of paper. So this was well received by them. But Gaëlle had a question.

Gaëlle: I need to know the truth. Is this a real credit card?

Robin: No. It's just pretend.

Gaëlle: Ahhh. I need a real credit card.

Robin: Why? Don't I buy you everything you need?

Gaëlle: You don't buy me hot dogs. I need a credit card to buy hot dogs.

So, we've been having a lot of fun with the hot dog talk lately and how poor Gaëlle has everything she needs in life except hot dogs.

Fast forward to Saturday night. Robin and Joshua went grocery shopping for me and came home laughing about how I would never send them out for groceries again. Then they pulled out this.

Who in their right mind would think a "hot dog" cake would be a big seller? And who in their right mind would buy one? Why my family, of course. I love the website cakewrecks and I think this certainly qualifies.

I mean, the hot dog looks fairly realistic, but the bun... is clearly a slab of pound cake with some icing on it.

We presented it to Gaëlle and Peter on Sunday at lunch. A fun moment.

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