Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter weekend 2011

Saturday brought our traditional Bunny Day candy hunt. Both kids remembered this from last year and were eager to get out there and hunt.

Peter raced through the whole thing and could definitely use a bit more of a challenge hiding the candy. When they were finished, Robin told the kids they had 1 hour to eat as much as they wanted before we rationed the candy. Both kids sat at the table and went to work. It didn't take too long and Peter said he was finished. Gaelle in all seriousness said, "Peter... just do it. You have to just keep trying."

The older girls requested no candy but I didn't listen to them. Just a small bag tho.

In the afternoon Robin brought home a new BBQ and so there was a bit of fun putting that together with a couple of kids who really wanted to help. Our old BBQ lasted 7 years. We're hoping for another 7 years with this one.

I only boiled 8 eggs for the kids to dye. It was enough and they had fun. However, on Sunday night we ate all 8 eggs for supper. So maybe next year I'll boil more up. They were a big hit.

4 of the 5 kids out on the deck on Easter afternoon. A beautiful day and maybe next year there will be 5 kids out on the deck for an Easter picture.

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