Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Snapshot

2 weeks ago Kaylin came home with a single red gerbera daisy for me "just because". And it is still as fresh as the day she brought it home. Love it. And I love her thoughtfulness.

I know I give Gaƫlle a lot of space on the blog because of her love of all jobs domestic. But there is one area that Peter takes the cake; his room. He loves to clean his room and most Saturday mornings as we are doing all those little things that need to be done (or if truth be told, just lounging around with our coffee) he can be found in his room straightening up. Then he calls us to make sure we all see how great his room looks.

Peter's birthday card came this week from his grandparents. It was postmarked February 28. For those who don't know, we are now into April. I don't know if the blame lies on the US or Canada side. Either way, that is truly snail mail.

And Peter has been having a blast listening to the song in the card... over... and over!

Emily is into full study mode and is currently taking her 3rd exam. Her first year of university has gone well for her. She is focused and really working hard.

So just a few snapshots of our life on this Saturday morning.

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