Saturday, June 21, 2008

Time to say goodbye

Well, yesterday marked the end of a few things around here.  It was the last day my daughter will spend in this house in this town.  She packed up and headed off for her summer camp job.  While she's gone, we will move to another town and another house.  

A lot of people ask how she feels moving for her senior year.  Believe it or not, she is looking forward to it.  I know, this is a sign of growth for her.  Normally she has a difficult time with change.  I think it helps, that she was able to have so much input in our decision, and she's ready for some change.

I will miss her while she's gone this summer, but again, the time at camp is so good for her.  She loves it and has wonderful opportunities to challenge herself and to grow.  

Another goodbye was to our temporary 3rd daughter.  Looking back at September and that huge decision between our 2 families,  I'm still surprised we all agreed to it.  But in many different ways, it has been good.  I think both girls appreciate their families in new ways.  And really... time flies.  I just can't get over the passing of time.

Anyway, here's to goodbye... and new beginnings.

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