Friday, June 6, 2008

Keep those books coming

My parents were here last month and they left us with all kinds of goodies.  Their visits are fun for so many reasons, but there is one tradition we look forward to probably the most... the bags and boxes of books.

My parents haul in the goodie bags and then won't let us touch them until the kids are there.  My mom is an avid yard saler and library sales are her friend.  So she wants to see our reaction when we see how well she did... how many treasures she finds.  

Now that the kids are older, they don't ask for as many types of books.  When they were younger they would ask her to look for books on ancient Egypt, dogs, Salem witch trials, or whatever the interest of the day was.  

This time my mom even had brand new books.  She had a Barnes & Noble gift certificate that she used on YA fiction.  She read them first and then passed them on.  This wasn't completely altruistic on her part.  She prefers YA fiction over adult fiction.  Sometimes she tries to determine why, what's wrong with her.  But she quickly gets over that and just enjoys her reading.  Every book comes with a grandmother review.  Note this quote on page ( ).  What do you think the author means by this idea?  A page turner.  I liked this ...  I don't know why the author included this ...  

I get my own bag of books also, but unlike the kids, I almost always receive several new books that my mom thinks I would like or should read.  I love love love my bag of books.  Thanks mom.

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