Tuesday, June 10, 2008


A couple of years ago I went with our church youth group on a super long bus ride to a really excellent youth conference.  So well done.  So huge.  Worth the effort.  Worth the money.  And did I mention the long bus ride?

I wasn't the only mom chaperone, but I roomed with 2 college age girls.  And they were BFF.  Not only were they best friends, but they let everybody know they were best friends by continually calling each other best friend.  So, it would be, "Like, hey, best friend, can I like, borrow your hair gel?"  "Sure, best friend, it's right here."

I had to struggle to remember their names, because they just referred to each other as best friend.  Kind of funny, at first.  Got a little old.

But anyway, as I look ahead to our move, I realize that I have developed some good friendships here and I am going to miss these women.  This past weekend we got together for our annual mother-daughter get away.  Where moms and daughters get away but don't necessarily spend time together.  Every once in a while someone (always a mom) will suggest a specific mom & daughter activity.  But we all nix it.  The most refreshing aspect of the weekend is just the relaxed time away.  Our daughters have so many activities and responsibilities that when we can give them and us, just a time to do nothing, it's eagerly embraced.

But this weekend, we moms did find ourselves really sharing and I loved it.  The give and take of conversation.  About life and God and daughters.  God has blessed me with so much variety in my relationships and I am thankful.  I'll miss them, but I can't wait to see what God has in store for me in my new home.

And I'll never be far from my tried and true BFF, my hubby.  We've been BFF for far longer than our 20 years of marriage.  Here's looking to many more years as BFF.

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