Thursday, January 24, 2008

Leaving a legacy

I am privilaged to have known both sets of grandparents.  I have fond memories of their houses, the smells, the sounds, the joy and love found there.  I know that this is a gift.  My children only have memories of 3 grandparents.  My husband never knew 1 set of grandparents.  There is nothing sweeter than the relationship between children and their grandparents.  I'm thankful that I had this.  Now, all of my grandparents are gone.

My own kids were young when they met my Grandpa Brown.  But he left quite the impression on them.  He was a storyteller extrodinaire and full of life, even into his 90's.  His memory will live on in his own family, but it will also live on amongst people I will never know or meet.

He was a huge supporter of a boys ranch in Florida.  Six years after  his death, we received photos showing a memorial they constructed for him.  A wooden bell tower with a plaque engraved with his face and some words about him.  "Brownie.  A true friend of the boys."  What a legacy. What a man.

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