Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Impossible

Kaylin and I are reading a few chapters from this book every morning.  This, after reading a biography of Amy Carmichael.  We have India on the brain.  But I digress.  During this adoption, yes, it all comes back to the adoption, I have been asking all sorts of questions.  "Why don't the officials in Haiti want to help the orphans?"  "Why does it all have to take so long?"  "Don't they care?"  

There's a blind baby boy who could have his eyesight partially restored if he could make it to the 
US to receive medical care.  This boy was abandoned... completely abandoned... left to die.  Now, there's a family anxious to adopt and anxious to facilitate medical care.  Yet, the authorities won't sign one simple letter allowing him to leave on a medical visa.  They aren't saying, "NO."  They simply aren't doing anything.  WHY???  This is just one example of the slow wheels of 
bureacracy in Haiti.  

Anyway, here's a quote from this book which jumped out at me yesterday.

"So far he feels it's impossible,"  she wrote Connie, "as most things are concerning the KIngdom, 
because it is God's plan to do the impossible for us and let us see the impossibility first.  Great!  
Look on your difficulties thus, my angel, with a sort of jubilant chuckle and say, 'Another of God's
opportunities to lead me on!'  How jolly to be absolutely at His disposal!"

So adoption is another of God's opportunities to lead me on! 

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Donna Boucher said...

This is beautiful and true.
Our hearts still grieve for those little children, tho, don't they.

It takes a lot of trust.

But God's plans are perfect.