Thursday, January 31, 2008

January update

We received a great monthly update.  This is only our 4th update, but the past 3 have been a little lacking in info.  Life is so busy at the orphanage and we don't complain because the photos are always awesome.  So this month was a huge blessing in so many ways.  Gaëlle was just moved to the Toddler house with Peterson.  He, apparently, is thrilled to have her there and always seeks her out.  They both enjoyed the Christmas and New Year festivities.  

They were all given their own tangerines for Christmas, which was celebrated December 30. Gaëlle needed help peeling hers, and then bit right into it. Peterson took his apart in sections and ate them individually. He traded some wedges for some wedges from other kids, with the thought that perhaps their orange tasted just a little different than his.  Isn't that so cute?  Even though I can 
have all the tangerines I want, he's right.  Sometimes they do taste different.   

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