Thursday, August 28, 2014

Alberta bound

We went to the airport last night once again to send Emily off. This time for 2 whole years. She is taking Speech Language Pathology at University of Alberta. 

Gaëlle has been particularly sad because Emily is going to miss her birthday. So before she left, Emily gave Gaëlle Molly and all of her American Girl doll stuff. It was a touching moment for both girls. 

We're making our way to the airport.

Not that Emily needed help checking in as she is quite the pro. But sometimes Dad's just want to stand beside. 

She had 2 bags to check. Each one could be 23 kg. As you can see, she was bang on. But seriously, she is moving to Alberta for 2 years and she is only taking two 23 kg bags. That is it. She travels light.

The final farewell.

Can you believe how tall Peter is? Crazy. 

They will miss each other. We will miss Emily but we are so thrilled for the opportunity she has. We know she will take these 2 years and work hard and she will love it. 

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Anonymous said...

I have tears just reading the post. Just imagine the basket case I would have been if I were there to say good-bye. I love you, Emily, and wish you well. Grammy