Friday, September 5, 2014

Missing our girls

This week, we took another daughter back to school. Kaylin decided she wanted to take Snickers back with her. After all, Snickers is her dog.

Snickers is always up for a car ride.

Peter and Gaƫlle had to come with us but they were good sports even though they were crammed in.

I was slightly nervous about the mattress on top of the van and even pulled over in a panic at one point because I thought it was slipping. But it was just my imagination. 

We made it and got all of her stuff unloaded. It was raining a bit while we hauled bags into the house, but it soon stopped and the sun came out. 

Last stop before we left was a trip to the grocery store. Kaylin is sharing a house with 2 other girls. It's a really nice set up and the girls shared an apartment last year so they know how to get along and work together. 

Meanwhile, we not only miss Kaylin, but also the joy of Snickers when we come home. There's nothing quite like the enthusiasm of a little dog greeting you. 

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