Thursday, August 28, 2014

The laughter before the tears

This past week Gaëlle and her friends put on a little gymnastics show. So cute. 

We had just finished making chocolate trifle so we brought it for the after show treat. One of the girls asked for 3 helpings. Not only the show was a big hit. 

Our church had VBS last week. We weren't able to take Gaëlle but we did enjoy the Sunday finale. The bouncy toy was fun for the young.

And the old. The teens and young adults had a go but they all came out before their time was up. It turns out that jumping is tiring!

Gaëlle bought a move when she was at The American Girl Place in NYC. She has been patiently waiting for all 3 girls to be together so they can watch it. The moment finally came. It may have taken a bit of prodding to get the dolls all out and the girls all together but even Snickers joined in the girl time. 

On Emily's last night at home, she cooked us supper. Yummy Curry Veggies with salmon. 

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