Friday, May 9, 2014

On the bed - On the bookshelf - On the table

Mia is in the house. And on the couch. And on the table. And under the couch. And basically everywhere. Emily moved out of her apartment last weekend in order to get ready for her summer travels. And after that, she will be heading to Alberta for grad school. So, now there's a cat in the house. As much as we want to support our girls, we also unfortunately don't want a cat. So, I think there will be a parting of the ways soon with Mia and the family. Unless the girls can come up with another solution. 

Just a snapshot of one book each of us is reading. Gaƫlle has discovered the joys of American Girl books and before she goes to bed we are reading "Jess". Peter is reading the Hunger Games Trilogy. This is a popular series that most kids his age have already read or at least they have seen the movies. I am reading a really interesting book about how we as North Americans try to help those who are materially poor. Are we doing it well? Can we do it better? I highly recommend "When Helping Hurts". Robin has just finished a book by the founder of International Justice Mission called, "The Locust Effect". This book is about the effect of the lack of justice in developing countries. The author describes a little bit of the background of the justice system for countries that were previously under colonial rule and how that is impacting their view of justice today. The author believes there won't be any real progress in development until a strong justice system is in place.

One of Emily's friends from camp last summer came to visit last week. Khalid is from France and he decided he wanted to see Canada. So Emily did her best to show him all around. They even took a brief trip to Montreal. In this photo he joined us at an international potluck here in Halifax. We even sat at a table with a francophone from New Brunswick so they spent some time speaking together. His English is great and so he didn't have any trouble getting around. That's one of the nice things about Emily's experiences in Thailand and Wisconsin. She knows people from all over the world.

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