Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Small Recap

Josh loves donair sauce. He introduced the kids to grilled cheese sandwiches with donair sauce. They think he is a genius. 

We had a lot of snow over the weekend. Fortunately Robin hauled out the snowblower and it still works. He spent a lot of time outside cleaning up the snow and not just around our house. He helped out the neighbors as well. And I think he loved it.

It was time to come up with some Valentine goodies for school. Gaëlle did hers all by herself. She was focused and was pleased with the results. I bought little stamps and notepads on sale at Michaels. So she put them in little bags and we stapled the card on top. 

I found an idea for Peter online. His teacher this year loves Skittles, the candy. So he asked if he could give out skittles. Normally the kids just give out cards. Home made or store bought. But I decided to let him give out candy. 

I found circle tags online which he taped to cardstock and then we stapled it to small bags of candy. He was also pleased with the result.

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