Saturday, February 16, 2013

A night at the improv

Robin has done it again. He and Emily have started up another puppet group. Actually, they are kind of involved in 2 new puppet groups. Last night the 2 groups met and what a night it was. There are 6 youth at our church that have been working weekly since November. 2 of them are leaders in the youth group at church. The other 3 are not always able to be involved in youth ministries, but are part of the youth group, and puppets is proving to be a GREAT fit for them. They are enthusiastic and seem to love being involved. The last member is Peter. He is not old enough to go to youth group but he loves puppets and so he is a part of the group. Gaƫlle was the paper thrower last night during the black light song. Normally she is just part of the audience.

Their first performance was in December at our church and the puppets proved to be a big hit with young and old alike. They were then invited to perform at the Christmas Eve service. Another great night.

Last night they headed to The Club. Every Friday night Emily and Robin volunteer at The Club. They both love it and have started a puppet club there as well. So the church group performed 2 songs for The Club and then the club members put on their puppets and went at it. There was soooo much energy in the room. There were smiles and laughter and just generally a lot of people - young and old - having a great time. 

Last night there was another volunteer who does music therapy with the members of the club. She was fantastic and really added to the energy in the room. All puppet groups should have one of her. It's going to be so exciting to see what roads open up for ministry with this group of youth. Stay tuned.

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