Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We cry holy, holy, holy

The snow is lightly falling, the Christmas CD is playing, the house is snug and warm. Yet, my heart is heavy for the people of Haiti. A nurse who is spending 6 months volunteering at GLA writes every Sunday about her week and experiences in Haiti. This past Sunday she shared about a trip taken to a remote village in Haiti, a place that appears to be off the radar of most of the world.

High in the mountains above Jacmel, in the South East of Haiti, lies the remote community of Baie D'Orange. Following media reports that 26 severely malnourished children died there in November, the Association of Haitian Orphanages planned a mission to deliver aid to the area. On Thursday night, 5 trucks were loaded with emergency food packets, medical supplies, seeds, tools and banana plants. At 5 am on Friday morning, GLA staff piled into two of the trucks and headed for Port-Au-Prince to join a convoy of 3 other vehicles which would make the 6 hour journey to Baie D'Orange.

The heaviness of despair comes through loud and clear. And somehow, she manages to end her writing with joy and hope. I'm so thankful for all of the volunteers and staff at GLA who are working to bring joy and hope to so many people.

Robin and Emily are getting ready for their trip to Bainet, Haiti in February. They are thinking about what they will bring. A carry on will take care of all of their personal needs, but they can bring 2 suitcases each full of items. It just seems critical to not waste their space and to bring items that will bless and help the people of Haiti.

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