Thursday, December 18, 2008


The paper chase for our adoption started July 2006. It was ridiculously slow here on the Canadian side of things. But we persevered and did what we were asked and learned a few things along the way. Like persistence pays off. Don't take a social worker's word that she/he will "get right on that". Folllow up until he/she "gets right on that".

We just found out that our home study "expires" March 2009. It only has a 2 year life span and we have to update it for our province... NOT for Haiti. Ok, it should be simple and straight forward. And it is... but it will cost us another $800 to get everything done again. I just want to scream. It is useless bureaucracy. It is paper work simply for the sake of paperwork. What? Are they going to take away our permission to adopt? Is there a chance that we are now unsuitable adoptive parents? No... it is just somebody's brilliant idea that home studies need to be kept up to date and the social worker will now be making a ton of money for a couple of hours of work.


I really thought our kids could realistically be home by this Christmas and then this update would not even be necessary. Our province doesn't even require any kind of contact once the children are home. BUT we need to update our approved study because who knows what can happen in 2 years? Right?

I'm going to write an official complaint to Community Services here in NS. I am just spitting mad at this waste of money and time.

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