Friday, December 19, 2008

Timeline games

I think the reason this homestudy update bothers me so much, other than the waste of money & time, nothing to gain from it, yada yada yada, is my old timeline. When we received our proposal last October, I really thought Peterson & Gaƫlle could and would be home by this Christmas. When it took us 7 months to get through IBESR (our permission from Haitian social services to adopt them), well I knew in my head that there was no way they would be home this year. But I still had it in my heart that I thought maybe, just maybe, by this Christmas.

Next, I adjusted my expectations to spring 2009. But the crushing reality is that even that is a stretch. We're still in Parquet with no end in sight. And now the powers to be in Haiti have added ANOTHER step to this madness for American & Canadian families. There's a new phase called "MAE". In MAE they are supposed to check all of the documents to make sure everything is in order before the file goes to MOI where they check the documents to make sure everything is in order. It makes me want to scream. I can only imagine the lawyers and adoption facilitators in Haiti.

Not everything is gloom and doom tho. I posted Christmas photos from last December. And then contrasted them with Christmas photos from this year. In most of the photos we received of Peterson, he always looked a bit sad and withdrawn. In our latest photos, he always has the biggest grin and seems to be fully engaged in his life at GLA. I know that he is doing just fine. And for that, I'm thankful.

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