Thursday, October 23, 2008

Braggin' on my girl

My daughter's grade 12 Global History class has proven to be quite the challenge.  No, it's not the material... it's the teacher and the students.  More specifically, their opinions.  They are bold and vocal in their opinions and from her perspective, narrow minded and ignorant.  She follows the philosophy, "Don't cast your pearls before swine," and generally bites her tongue.  Anyway, that's a little background for the following incident.

Several students were trashing celebraties, not even specifically- just in general, for all their wasted spending.  Now there's a topic most people would not dispute.  From our middle class perch, it certainly looks like celebraties waste a lot of money.  The students were particularly scornful because there's such poverty around the world.  Places where money is desperately needed and just a little money could do so much good.  Again, nobody can dispute that.

So, what on earth could my daughter object to?  And what am I so proud of?  Well, she said that she finally had enough of the discussion.  And so she turned it back on them.  What are you doing for the poor?  We're all rich compared to the majority of the world.  How much of your money are you giving away?

It is so easy to put others down for their spending choices.  But until I can say with all honesty that I have not wasted my resources and I have  spent my money wisely, I had better not get up on my high horse condemning others in a higher tax bracket.

I'm so proud of her for taking responsibility for her actions.  Financial responsibility is a huge lesson and I think she understands the importance of not being jealous of others for their wealth (not an easy thing to do) and not being critical of others for their wealth and the perception of their selfishness.  She is accountable to God and to herself.  Way to go.


Anonymous said...

i can see why you are so proud of her!!!!


Jaime said...

Great girl! I hope you keep blogging so we can see what the Lord does through her!