Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Finding family

Tour guide with his granddaughters.

Fishing boat that will take you out whale watching.

Our favorite little fishing village and wooden draw bridge.

Tall ships in Lunnenburg Harbour.  Can't visit NS without a trip here.

My dad and aunt have become huge fans of genealogy.  That just might be the understatement of the year.  Obsessed with genealogy might be more appropriate.  Most people with this interest spend hours with their computer.  Not my dad.  Not part of the computer age yet.  He just flies to Germany to do hands on research.

A couple of years ago when he went to the area of Germany where his relative came from, he just "happened" to "find" long lost relatives.  It really was and is amazing how this happened.  Anyway, he invited these relative from Germany to come over to Nova Scotia and he would take them all around.  Small problem... my dad doesn't live in NS.  He lives 20 hours away.

Fast forward to this weekend... one of the sons actually came over to visit Nova Scotia.  He and his girlfriend will be touring around the area for almost a month.  So my dad drives up just so that he can be their tour guide.  Talk about commitment to this genealogy thing.

His part of the visit seems to have been a big success.  He's pleased with all they were able to do.  Now they're on their own.  NS tourism can thank my dad for his part in boosting our economy.  Now if the rest of us would be so kind as to get on board, inviting long lost relatives to visit, then maybe tourism would pick back up.  So here's a shout out to anyone, absolutely anyone... if you want to visit Nova Scotia, I know a man who would love to show you around.

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