Friday, September 5, 2008


Kaylin with our "daughter" from last year.  She's living at home, but she followed Emily to her new high school.

Emily and friend leaving for school.

Snickers, left behind.

It's back to school time and because our homeschooling days are finished for now, it's time for a new school.  With all of the moving our family has done, homeschooling has been a huge benefit.  It provided consistency and stability in the kids' education.

But as of last February my daughters are both in the public school world and with a move, that means a new school.  The jury is definitely out on their new schools.  Especially with the high school.  We had heard horror stories about this particular school from kids who don't attend there so we didn't really pay any attention to them.  Emily now thinks they're true.  She's not too impressed with the control, or lack of control, the administration has on the students.  She thinks things are out of control.  Not exactly what every mom wants to hear from her daughter.

This is her last year and so we'll see how it goes.  I let her know that home was very much a possibility, but for now, she'll stick it out.

Kaylin is also not convinced that this school will be good for her.  But she's going to continue and see how it goes.  I have been in a constant state of prayer this week and I'm sure that will continue.  I'm thankful that I don't feel stuck... we have options... I've homeschooled my son through high school... I can do it again.

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