Sunday, August 31, 2008

August update

Yes, here it is.  The update from our orphanage.  It's great to get these updates, but it's always a reminder that we are sooooo far away, and so much happens that we don't have a clue about.  Probably never will.  In addition to mentioning a song that Peterson just loves, we also got this...

Gaëlle got a bite of some sort, I am guessing a spider, and what a trooper she was. She can be at times a bit of a diva as I am sure you have kind of picked up on. Wanting her way, teasing that she is not going to listen, etc. So with a bite and the extra attention it got I figured she'd milk it up a lot. BUT she surprised me and we really bonded over the issue. She hardly complained about it, just came to remind me each morning, noon, and night that she was "malad" and would point to her bite and smile. However I don't think she realized that her face was so swollen that I could have a mile away and still seen that she was "malad":). She was so cute about it all, she took her medicine for me each time, came up and laid on the couch to watch movies (one of the many benefits of being sick at Joyce and Molly's), the only thing she didn't like was the warm compresses. But she could comforted through it especially if Peterson was by her side. I think he was more hurt by it all than she was. One day right after lunch I was walking into the girls' house and heard a big kid crying. I looked over and Peterson was huddled down in a squatting position by the door. When I asked him what was wrong he could barely choke out that Gaëlle had a sore and it hurt her, and she didn't even want to come out to play she only wanted to go lay in her bed. I think it took more for Joyce and I to comfort him and reassure him that she was okay and it would go away than to comfort Gaëlle. It's been over a week now and compresses are done, antibiotics are finished, and Peterson is much more at peace, Gaëlle has a little mark still that needs to heal over, but she had enough attention I guess and doesn't even feel the need to tell me about it anymore.

I'm comforted that the God who loves us more than I can ever imagine, knows exactly what is happening in their lives and is watching over them.

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Rebekah Hubley said...

I am glad to know that Gaelle is doing better! I am telling you; Peterson needs to be a some sort of record book for being the BEST BIG brother EVER!!!!!!!! He is so sweet with her!!! It brings tears to my eyes knowing how much he loves her! He will be a great daddy some day; so compassionate! He would make a great pediatrican! Now just get him home so he can start medical school... lol... They both look great!