Saturday, August 30, 2008

Who's talking now?

This week I was reminded of a powerful truth... my kids all open up in different ways and different places.  My son talks my ear off in the car.  Just put him in the front seat and the floodgates open.  Whenever I go on long trips, I don't mind with Josh along.  He just keeps the conversation going.  I learn more about the bass and bass pedals than a mom cares to know.  I also get caught up on his thoughts and plans.

My youngest will never be called a motor mouth.  However, we have had great talks when we're walking her dog.  It just seems to be a release for her.  This past week, we were taking Snickers for a long walk and she brought up one of her fears about our latest move.  Quite honestly I don't think she would have been so open without the open air and the dog at her heals.

Then there's Emily.  She talks but she doesn't always share.  But late at night when Robin and I are just relaxing in the living room, she plops down and away she goes.  Sometimes I think she says things to shock me, but we often have really good discussions.  The give and take of "What do you believe?" and "Why?"

I love all of these moments and this week with Kaylin was just a reminder to put myself in those situations more and to just be open to talk.

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