Wednesday, October 7, 2015

They said good-bye

So,this is the outside of our house. One of these days, I'll try to give you more of an idea of what the compound looks like. The house has a screened in porch that runs along the entire front. That is nice. 

It was great to have Beth and Barry with us but unfortunately, they needed to leave early for family reasons. As they flew off the island, I felt so alone. But I know we will be alright. We will make mistakes and not know how to do everything, but it will all be ok.

A family that has been living here 2 years, invited us to their house for some praise and worship. We went to the roof which had a great view and also was nice and cool. 

GaĆ«lle is always up for a ride on the vehicles. This doesn't happen often but is nice when it does. The house behind them is the 2 bedroom house on the compound. 

We have not been running once since we've arrived and have only taken an exercise walk once. I don't see it happening much. The roads are just so bumpy and it's hot. But we can try to walk more, just not so fast. 

I made bread a couple of times. The trick is to put the bowl in a closed garbage bag so the ants don't get in.  

Even though we are surrounded by water, there are not a lot of beaches to swim at. We went to a mangrove area where local kids go swimming. It was educational. First, you have to walk through the  roots and try not to step on them. Then you have to navigate all of the naked boys who are curious about the white people. I don't think we'll go swimming here.

Another new missionary family arrived which made our 2 kids happy. They have been watching too many movies but Robin and I are out and about. Once school starts more formally this will taper off.

There is a big market 1 hour up the mountain. Somehow I got elected to drive the mule vehicle. I had a seasoned missionary next to me and she helped with encouragement and instruction on how to take the big bumps and sometimes non-existent road. When we got to the market she encouraged us all to try a bread treat. I don't know the name, but they take a type of flour and add sugar. Then put it in a pot over the fire. The heat binds the 2 ingredients together and makes a sweet warm flat bread. It was so interesting and fairly good. 

I think everybody who passes a market with all of the donkeys outside takes a photo. It is so cool to see the donkey parking lots. 

Just a photo of the Mule. It is convenient to drive here because it can go anywhere and can carry several people and there's space for items in the back.

A few on the way up the mountain to the market. It's hard to really get perspective but the view was stunning. But I don't think I'll be a regular at the market. The journey is just a bit much.

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