Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Slice of life

We were in Haiti for exactly 2 weeks and Robin needed to fly to the states for a board meeting. Of course the night he leaves there is a huge storm and we wake up to no water. I didn't have to do anything but as I saw the crew of men take off (on the Mule which is what it is for) I was so relieved to know they had the experience and expertise to fix it. By noon the water was back on. Yeah. 

I didn't think I would be able to use a crockpot here so I didn't bring mine but no problem because one is here and so far I've used it to cook batches of meat. Then I can add the pre-cooked meat to other dishes. Very handy for me. 

We shipped our desktop computer by Fed-Ex to Florida and then it was flown over to Haiti. After a few weeks, it made it to our little island. Yeah. Glad to have it.

There aren't a lot of kids around for our kids to play with, but we have managed a few get togethers and our kids are always up for a games night. 

Saturday is still a good time for hair day. The hair is down and being deep conditioned.

But then a donkey came to visit. Such a surprised. The family was given this donkey and they don't have a large yard for it. They walked it 30 minutes to our yard and the donkey had a great time with the grass. 

Gaƫlle loved it but I think the girls gave Fiona a bit too much attention and she went a little crazy towards the end of the day.

On the same day the donkey came, the yellow butterflies returned. I don't know if you can tell, but the tree at the back of this photo had one spot where the butterflies stayed. They just hovered. They were here for a few days and then they left again. 

There are 2 families who are here on La Gonave and their kids are being homeschooled. They have a classroom in a local school so the 2 moms can also teach a few classes during the week at the school. We went to visit their school. Their class is on the 2nd floor and there is a constant wind. So nice. 

They also have a great view.

One Sunday afternoon we went out on the Wesleyana to a sand bar so we could go swimming. The kids picked up a few conch shells and some Haitian boys took them for the meat.

Admiring the shells.

The younger kids had a great seat on the way back in.

The homeschool class we visited in the local school invited us to come back during the school day during recess because a local vendor sells pate. That's fried dough with different fillings. So we did and we all had some pate. 

We sometimes eat at the guest house even though there aren't any teams. It's always delicious. 

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