Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Time Flies

I didn't realize how long it has been since I updated this part of my life. Emily and Kaylin both asked me to put up some photos so they would know what was going on with us. So... Let's see how I do.

Robin had a great time in Haiti with his colleagues. There were several highs and several sad moments. It was a trip where they saw the contrasts that exist for people in Haiti. Robin loves the photo above because the other trips to Terre Sel were so quick and all of the kids were somber. This photo shows their joy. 

Sorry this photo is blurry but you can see both kids in Grand Manan at Dan and Edie's. We were there 2 weekends in a row in May. We stayed at The Power House both times. Peter and Gaëlle LOVED Grand Manan. It was a beautiful weekend and we were able to connect with a few special people. 

Looking for shells in Blacks Harbour before the boat came. 

It's a new ferry but it's all basically the same. 

There's the lighthouse. 

We found out that we have faulty plumbing pipes in the house. So we decided to be pro-active and replace them all. It was a week long job where they cut several holes in the wall and took down a large part of the basement ceiling to get at the kitchen in floor heating. But we're glad it is done. The crack filler was amazing. Robin painted it all up and you can't even tell.

Gaëlle asked me to take a picture of her big hair before I put in a new style. So cute. 

Kaylin made me a really sweet photo collage for Mother's Day. Love it. 

Dan was polishing shoes before church so Robin got in line. Edie had just gotten back from Guinea and so,had lots of stories to share. I wish we had more time with her. She has some emotional stories of the impact from Ebola, but while she was there, it was all gone. She has made some wonderful connections there and it is inspiring to hear.

Peter played in Jeux de L'Acadie this past weekend. The games were held in Halifax which was nice for us. Their volleyball team won all,of their games until the Gold Medal game. They lost but it was a well fought game. It could have gone either way but this time the other time came out on top. The boys were obviously disappointed but it was a good weekend. 

Kaylin was home for the weekend so we all went to the final game.

Somebody is pretty excited to be on the plane going to Haiti.

In the airport at Montreal. Almost on our way. 

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