Saturday, April 4, 2015

Bunny Day 2015

Robin and Gaëlle decided we needed Chocolate Cake Waffles with whip cream. I'm not sure why but they saw a picture and decided this was a "MUST TRY" recipe. 

The final creation. It was good. After all, what's not to love about warm chocolate and whip cream? 

Peter has several volleyball tournaments this spring. Last Saturday we were in Truro for the first one. His team had enough players to enter 2 teams. One team came in 2nd and the other team came in 4th. 

Peter seems tall to us but all of the teams had a couple of tall players. He does well at the net blocking the ball and really enjoys volleyball. It's fun to watch which is good, because we'll be watching a lot more in the coming weeks. 

Today is Bunny Day. There is still so much snow on the ground so I made clues and sent the kids around the house. Only 10 clues and they were apparently easy.

 It didn't take the kids long and when they struggled, I gave more clues and they were quickly on their way. 

The final clue led to a basket of candy. Bunny Day 2015 is over again. 

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