Saturday, December 20, 2014

Out and About

One thing that never changes around here; Peter spends a lot of time on his art. Last weekend he spent some money on art supplies from the art store downtown. He mainly draws with pencils so he got some more pencils but also some other tools. He also chose some pastels to play around with and some watercolours. So he is set for a while.

Gaëlle still loves being read to. She is enjoying The American Girl books so we are having fun going through all of the series. 

We are also enjoying all of the Christmas baking. I am not doing as much as I often do, but we are pacing things and getting in our favourites. These marshmallow treats are a favourite from our time in St Andrews. Karen brought them to a cookie swap and this has since become a regular Christmas treat.

It's hard to see but the girl with the cup on her head is one of Gaëlle's babysitters. She was Chip in a local high school production of Beauty and the Beast. We went last weekend to see that. They did a great job.

We picked up Kaylin yesterday at the bus. We're all happy to see her. Let the festivities begin. 

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