Saturday, December 6, 2014

December Happenings

For many years, every day of December we give the kids one piece of candy. Sometimes we read an Advent story along with it. Sometimes we do the Jesse Tree. Sometimes it's just candy. But there's always candy. This year, I sewed up little bags and stamped designs or sewed some buttons on. Then I put candy inside and sent them to the girls. I'm not known for being early or on time with my gifts, but in this case, I managed to get them to the girls by December 1st.

Our church puts on a 2 day Christmas variety type of show called, "Christmas on the Hill". Robin is putting together a Black Light Hand song with the kids. It's going really well and they are all pleased with it. 

Peter is playing a shepherd in the final Nativity Scene.

GaĆ«lle is also singing with the children in Junior Church for one song and then all the participants come out for the final song. It's a lot of fun and is tonight and Sunday night. 

Both kids are spending a  lot of time with their drawing, colouring and all over crafting. It's a nice way to fill their time. It's a busy time of year, but we're trying to take the time to find joy in our every day world. 

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