Sunday, December 22, 2013

Snow fun

We've had a few snow days this December. The kids had 2 days off school this week and we couldn't make church last Sunday because of the weather. There have been a few games played.

A few movies watched.

Some snow shovelling.

A dog who isn't too fond of the snow and cold. 

More eager snow shovelers. 

And some sledding.

A university student has come home. Yeah.

On Friday night the club had their puppet Christmas show. Emily works with them every other Friday night. She puts in a lot of work to make this accessible to all who want to participate. It's a great activity and I had a fun time watching. Robin read a poem Emily had written between puppet songs. So cute. Kaylin and Peter and Vashti also helped out on performance night so there was a bit of support for the club members and Emily. 

Josh made it home Saturday night. He brought goodies for the kids, and us. Gaƫlle seemed most excited about the purple sequinned dress. Thanks mom.

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