Friday, December 27, 2013

Family Photo Session

The kids gave me a family photo session for Christmas. I was so pleased because it really is hard to know when we'll be together again. All of the photos are by Jimmy Bennett who is our neighbour who does this on the side. He sent these along within the hour. The rest won't be ready for a week. But I'm happy with just these. 

Friday was the planned day and it looked like the temperatures would be around 0. So not too cold. So, I wanted to do an outdoor shoot at Mt. Uniacke. I asked the kids to wear layers and try to wear denim, plaid, and little bits of red. Altho at the last minute, I gave into Gaëlle and let her wear her big fur coat. I would rather she be warm and full of smiles then cold and grumpy. She was quick to comment throughout the photo shoot that she was warm.

My amazing kids.

Gaëlle begged us to do a silly pose. There was some snow throwing. And some jumping in the air. 

Me and Robin by ourselves.

Dad with his girls. I love this one. As you can see, by this time, Gaëlle's hand were getting cold in the thin red gloves, so she switched to her colourful fleece gloves. But as long as she's smiling, I can live with it.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I'm pleased, proud and thankful. I love you all. Mom and Grammy