Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekend catchup

We bought this house and all of the bedrooms had carpet. Ugly carpet. The only one who likes the carpet is Snickers and she likes it a lot. Ughh. We decided to replace it with laminate flooring and started on the smelliest one of all which was in Gaelle's room. We finally got around to Peter's room. 

Robin had a brilliant idea to let the kids earn money by getting rid of all the staples after he pulled up the carpet. They were thrilled and earned a fortune in Gaelle's room. 

So they were both eager to earn more money.

They removed the staples and Peter swept the floor. Now Peter and Robin have to choose a new paint colour. I love the green but it's not Peter's choice. He thinks he wants a blue. I find blues difficult. They are too cold or too dark or bright, which is why the paint has not been purchased yet. Maybe today they will make the final choice.

Weekends are for laundry. Ugh. Emily came over to use the free washing machines. All of the teen kids have done their own laundry for a long time which is so nice because let's face it, the laundry does add up.

Robin was following along with the jump from space and I've got to say we were all a bit mesmerized on Sunday when it finally happened. We don't have cable but were able to watch it online. Gaelle and Robin were the most fascinated with it.

Peter had a friend over and we called them up for the final minutes when the jump actually occurred. I can't even imagine the courage it would take to stand on the ledge so high in space and then jump. But it was fun to watch.

When I was a girl we had coffee cake every other Sunday morning for breakfast. I've made it occasionally for the kids and Gaelle would like to make it a tradition. Every Saturday and Sunday morning. But I think I'll keep it an occasional breakfast treat. It is a nice memory though. My favorite and easiest recipe comes from a couple from the church we attended when I was a teen. My mom collected recipes for me when I got married and this was one of the ones Florence and John Fink contributed. So there you go, connections all around.

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Anonymous said...

Beth, I know I have said this before, but I soooo enjoy reading your blog and keeping in touch with what is happening with you and the family. Miss you! Carol