Thursday, October 11, 2012

25 and counting

We had a real treat on Saturday when our 5 kids forced us out of the house and proceeded to make a meal for us. They did it in honour of our 25th wedding anniversary. It was yummy and just another great time to be together as a family.

Emily put together photos of our lives in the past 25 years. She found it difficult to get photos of just Robin and myself. So we will do better to get in front of the camera. The above is a collection from just the past 3 months. Not bad. 

Now is the part where I wax eloquent about the past 25 years. I really don't know what to say. We are blessed beyond measure. We share a strong love, a strong friendship, and a beautiful family. Words could never adequately express the joy we share. There has been heartache, misunderstanding, and pain. But I know it is minor in the scheme of things. So blessed.

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Anonymous said...

the meal looks fabulous!!!that is my favorite kind of gift!!! and i know what you mean about the pictures....i was just thinking about how brent and i are in so few of them together.....happy 25!!