Saturday, August 18, 2012

Family Visit part 2

The 4 cousins had no problem entertaining themselves. They played games and the boys even made up their own game which they convinced one adult to play with them. But we all know Uncle Tim is just a kid at heart.

Have I mentioned that my mom is the ultimate party planner. One night Robin and I were surprised with an early 25th Wedding Anniversary party. 

There was a special dessert.

And of course, decorations and gifts. It was quite a surprise and a lot of fun.

One of the birthday gifts from earlier in the week was Bananagrams so we had a few giant games. It's just a treat to find a game that all the kids can play and that they all enjoy and we know they are learning in the process. Pure genius. 

We ended the visit with what was always a highlight for our older kids. They missed it this time but the younger kids all enjoyed it. We walked there. By this time the youngest grandson had joined us from Massachusetts. Just a side note on him. I wish I had more pictures to illustrate how busy, joyful, smart, and loud he is. What a lot of fun. Gaelle did her best to boss him around but he could easily hold his own.

We did see some fun things, but the price was a little high at this one. 

Gaelle did her best to be the big cousin. Sometimes David obliged her, sometimes not.

Just a moment to take a little rest and a little breather with Aunt Herlinda and Uncle Tim. 

This seene was repeated over and over. The house was full. But my mom had everything under control. We had such a great time with lots of laughs and lots of play time. Lots of baking and lots of sharing. Just a great time of connecting with family.

On the way home one of the rest stops in Maine had this moose statue. The kids still don't get that. But they wanted their picture taken with the moose. And they weren't the only ones. We noticed others walking over with camera in tow. 

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