Saturday, August 25, 2012

Catons Island Family Camp 2012

For the 3rd year in a row, we headed across the beautiful St. John River to Catons Island Family Camp. Fake Aunt Di and Uncle Marc were visiting so they went with us to the island to spend some quality time with us, but more likely to visit with their daughter who has been working at camp all summer. 

As you can see, Gaelle is delighted with her top bunk status. The entire family stays together in one cabin and if a family wishes, they can share a cabin with another family. This is the first summer we remembered a night light and flashlight. However, we did forget a few other items; pillows for the younger kids. Oops.

The 3 oldest. Always glad to be back on the island. At least good sports about being back on the island.

The first night starts with a bonfire with hotdogs, marshmallows, etc. Just general smoke and goodness.

Gaelle checking to make sure it is just right and mom checking to make sure she doesn't get too close to the fire.

I wouldn't even want to make a guess about how many hot dogs and marshmallows Peter consumed. He was having a blast and eating it all up.

Just so happy Kaylin could get the weekend off. She has been working so much this summer and it meant a lot to me that once again, we were all able to be together.

Saturday night, the camp staff put on a typical campfire like they would for the kids. And the kids just love it. I think Emily and Kaylin were happy to relive old camp memories as well and I even got into the spirit. 

A video showing some of the campfire silliness. 

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