Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Staying home or going out

This short post is once again all about the girls. We were supposed to go for a full family outing but one member of the family decided this was not his idea of fun. So the girls headed out. And we ran into the Rogers mascot. Which has got to be the dorkiest costume ever. But great for a photo op.
We went to one of our favourite playgrounds and surprisingly, Gaelle could have stayed there all day. She had a blast. There were several kids that she interacted with and she also spent time showing off for me. And I can't forget the wonder mom of the playground. One mom started a rousing game of tag and soon had almost every child there participating. Laughter was ringing out all over.
The family was also supposed to go to a local nature park and once again, a certain member of the family decided this was not part of his plans. So it turned into a daddy daughter event. I think it's safe to say the nature park ended up being more fun than the stay at home event. Altho the stay at home event was great for me. I lit my candle and pulled out my book and notebook, put on some coffee, played my new instrumental CD and just had a nice relaxing afternoon. I don't mean this to be snarky at all. Lately we have struggled with outings and bad attitudes. It's difficult to know exactly how to handle it. We're not used to being snubbed by a child when we attempt some family fun. But I think we've found the solution because I love solitude. Neither child does. So if they choose to stay home, they are choosing indoors and quiet with mom. Surprisingly the last time we suggested a family event, the whole family was on board. No solitude for me, but I like being with my family even more. So it was a win win for everyone.

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