Monday, January 2, 2012

Road Trip


As soon as Christmas was over, the 2 older girls and I drove down to New Jersey to visit my parents and spend some time in New York. It was a much needed and valued break.IMG_9079

When we arrived, my parents had a 2nd Christmas for us complete with stockings.

IMG_9081 And fun cozy slippers chosen by my dad. Too cute.  IMG_9087

Kaylin spent some time going through my grandfather’s old records. There are boxes of them, but we only asked Grampy to haul out a few. He had an extensive collection, of which my dad has kept a portion.


Of course, my mom cooked up a storm for us. We hit a few thrift stores but don’t have photographic evidence of that.  IMG_9090

And we broke out the new “Bananagram” game.  Emily is definitely the queen altho the rest of us held our own.


New York was packed full of people, but we managed to make our way over to Rockefeller Center so we could see the skating rink and the huge tree. DPP_0008

The girls started off at the World Trade Center and were impressed by the new building.  DPP_0007

I just thought I would throw this in to prove that I was indeed on this trip. My only photo. DPP_0002

We also made it to a Broadway play. This was completely different from most of the plays we’ve seen as it was operatic. But the talent was amazing as always. DPP_0004

I’ll just end with a picture of the girls in Times Square. Again, completely packed but totally fun.

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