Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year


This year we ended up with a quiet New Year’s Eve. We briefly talked about something bigger but we opted for quiet and low key. We had an evening of “make your own subs” and even had a couple of big kids join us before they headed out for the evening.


We couldn’t forget the “make your own ice cream sundae” and Gaëlle certainly got into the spirit of it all. Fortunately her mouth was as big as her eyes and she was able to finish her bowl.

 IMG_9100 We never have to worry about Peter finishing his bowl. He can put away the food.  Subs and sundaes on New Year’s Eve is a tradition I grew up with. Through the years, we have celebrated both ways; big and small. However, we always manage to fit in the subs and ice cream even if occasionally we have it on January 1.


Now that Peter and Gaëlle have joined our family we have started a new tradition; Haitian pumpkin soup. This is our 2nd year to celebrate on New Year’s Day with Soup Joumou. It requires a bit of preparation but is basically a beef stew with a twist. This is a tribute to Haitian independence when newly freed slaves consumed the soup which had previously been forbidden by their French owners.

IMG_9105We spent a little bit of time in the afternoon playing some games; Bananagrams and Fancy Nancy. As you can tell, some of the adults were not very enthusiastic but ironically won the game.  But don’t worry, there will be more chances to play if Gaëlle has anything to say about it.

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