Friday, September 23, 2011

The real birthday

IMG_8821 Gaëlle told us over and over that she wanted a peppermint cake for her birthday. Silly me. I thought she wanted a peppermint tasting cake and so for her party, I thought the kids might not all like the taste of peppermint. I foolishly went to the store and bought a cake for the party. Then I thought I would make the peppermint cake for her actual birthday with the family.

As I’m getting ready to make the cake, it becomes clear that what she really wants is a cake that looks like a peppermint. A green peppermint. So, ta da. Robin worked his green sugar magic and Gaëlle had a peppermint cake.


The birthday girl with the cake decorator. And notice the birthday cup. It comes out for every birthday.


My mom had left a box for Gaëlle’s birthday and she had been waiting an entire month to dig into it.


It was filled with cooking goodies. Mixes and cooking utensils. Pure heaven for Gaëlle.


Keeping with the cooking theme, Kaylin got Gaëlle a play microwave. And as Gaëlle is on a Fancy Nancy kick, she also gave her some fancy accessories. IMG_8832 

Her crown is stupendous. That’s fancy for “great”.


Emily gave her a coupon for girl time which she redeemed the very next day. Kaylin drove Gaëlle to Emily’s new apartment where they painted their nails and then they went out to a movie. Ooh la la. Still staying with the Fancy Nancy theme.


We gave her a scooter for her special day. Notice the glamour girl taking it for a spin. I let her go without her helmet just to try it out. Now, she has to take off the crown and wear her helmet.


The big sister also got in on the action. The scooter carves and turns and is actually quite fun.


She couldn’t wait to cook and the first thing she made was yellow jello. Altho, it wasn’t a huge hit with her. She likes red better. But the rest of the family had no problem eating it.

Happy 6th Birthday Gaëlle. We love you so much and we love the joy, laughter, and energy you bring to our family.

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