Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Day of School 2011

School started on Tuesday here and I've got to say I am a major fail at taking pictures on the first day. Our morning wasn't rushed or stressed but I just didn't haul out the camera. But I grabbed this one right before we went inside.

Gaëlle is in her class and completely focused on her stuff.

Peter's class was completely on top of things. They lined up at the door and went right inside and straight to their seats. No chaos there.

Only Peter was excited about the first day of school. Gaëlle didn't end her year on a high socially so she seemed very ambivalent about going back. Hopefully she will be more successful in her academics and her social interactions. Both kids are teacher favorites but Gaëlle has a more difficult time with her peers.

The first week is over and true to form, Peter is just bubbling over with excitement over what they are going to do this year. There's a new boy in his class and Kaylin encouraged him to befriend him. So we get nightly reports about the new kid and what they said to each other.

Gaëlle has hardly said a word about her class. We don't know about any new kids and we don't know anything that they did during the day. We can ask but she just has nothing to say. She never says that she likes this activity or she doesn't like that activity. She just doesn't talk about her day at school. So.... we'll see where this all goes.

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