Wednesday, August 31, 2011

FAmily Camp 2011 - Day 3

We had the chance to go swimming on Sunday and the kids loved the water trampoline and slide. So much fun.


It was also our family's turn to go on the horses.

Emily and Gaƫlle shared a horse.

Kaylin took pictures which I still need to get from her camera.

I'm missing from the family photo because I was at the kitchen making pies. One of the silly but totally fun parts of family camp is the pie auction. Each family gets money based on their standings in the family games. On Sunday there was an Amazing Race challenge (Kaylin has photos) and we were teamed up with another family to complete all of the challenges. Our team won! But not because of our family. We blew the competition away in archery thanks to the dad on the other team (hunts with a bow and arrow) and Gable (Yeah, I was pretty good in archery in school).

At the end of camp, we all get together and bid on pies that have been made by anybody who wants to. Several of the kids joined in the fun this year making pies. The competition there is fierce and quite fun. The men in our family certainly added to the show.

We also had the campfire songs on Sunday night. It was supposed to be Saturday night but it was too wet. This is something my young kids certainly look forward to. Silly camp songs.

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