Saturday, August 13, 2011

Family Camp 2011 - Day 1

We went on our 2nd annual trip to Caton's Island Family Camp on the beautiful St. John River in New Brunswick. OUr entire family went. All 7 of us. And this year we had a boyfriend along, so there were 8 of us in a cabin. It was truly a blast. Something for all of us to the oldest to the youngest. Every year there are grandparenents who come with their adult children and grandchildren. There are single moms with their children. It's an eclectic group and it's just fun.

The weekend starts with a bonfire which the kids just love.

We have the obligatory spider dogs.

Gaƫlle easily demolishes the huge hotdog.

And of course, a bonfire wouldn't be complete without roasted marshmallows. YUM!

You'll notice the lack of grown children in my photos. The 4 older kids weren't able to come until Saturday morning. Something about a pesky job.

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